Living Historical Association

The LaGrange Living History Association (LLHA)

The LaGrange Living History Association is a non-profit corporation founded in 1988, Our main objective is to perpetuate the memory and history of the LaGrange Mountain.  We also seek to preserve and maintain the historical site and its buildings as well as the Antebellum Cemetery. LLHA strives to inform and educate the public, especially the next generation, of the regional cultural heritage. Everyone interested in our history in general and the history of LaGrange in particular is welcome to apply for membership. Call any of the officers of the board and we will gladly take your application. You can also give us your name and address through our contact page.


L.C. Lenz256-446-9324, cell 702-6953

1st Vice President:
Lonnie Grissom256-446-5358

2nd Vice President:
Sten Palmgren256-383-6582, cell 256-483-3688

Libby Miller366-6863

Louise Lenz256-446-9324

Board members:

Ben Carpenter256-577-4477

Glennon Crowden256-446-9171

Mollie Holland256-446-5780

Max Todd256-381-0889

Harold Kimbrough256-381-0902

Gaylon Urban – 256-764-7843


Click here to download our LHCA membership form.


The History of LaGrange College

LaGrangeCoverWritten by: Robert S. Steen

The book is dedicated to LC Lenz and Louise Lenz.

Cover painting by Louise Lenz.

The book is a culmination of more than five years of research through family histories, and regional and state archives.

The book is a 210-page paper back book, including 160 pictures throughout the pages. A collection of this many photos compiled from the 1800’s is very unique in publication from that historic period.

Books will begin selling during mid-March for $19.95.

Please keep in mind: only 300 books are being printed in the first edition.


Back issues of Recall LaGrange Program Books are $3.00 each plus $2.00 Postage.
To order, send a check for $5.00 per book to the LaGrange Living Historical Association P. O. Box 306, Leighton, Alabama 35646. When ordering, please also include a note identifying which issue(s) you would like to receive.